Giving up simply wasn't possible, even if I really wanted to.  What I can say about my fitness journey is that through all of the trial and error, I really learned and experienced how the body works.  Learning how to really listen to your body, and understanding the process I think is one of the most valuable things you can gain when it comes to truly living a free and healthy lifestyle, not dependent on what a trainer tells you to do, or trying to copy some cookie cutter diet and meal plan.  Learning how your body works and what works best for it allows you to be flexible and not have a diet or workout routine run your life. 


It was a long road of trial and error, frustration, confusion, embarrassment, and just about everyone I know thinking I was a fool or addicted in a poor way.  I busted my butt in the gym, cooked, prepped, and dieted like a crazy man, but the results simply didn't seem to merit all of the commitment and effort. For years everyone saw me with all my meals, saying no constantly to eating crap food, but I never looked like a bodybuilder or fitness freak.  I was confused, sad, and certainly felt like quitting.  I read and read, talked to professional, to professional, would begin seeing results, but they wouldn't stick. 

Ready to start your fitness journey?  How is Reidland different?

I offer a personal consultation where we sit down, look at your goals, your diet, and schedule, and come up with a realistic custom health plan and workout routine that will actually work for you.  I will come back down the mountain, to lead you up.  We're honest, we're a team. I won't pretend to know something if I don't, and I will actually show you how to eat, shop, cook, and train. I will teach you a life style that you will love, not a cookie cutter diet and workout. And before you know it, you'll be looking at the top of the next mountain to new goals.

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